Newcastle/Cardiff Car Paint Repairs

Vehicle paint repair specialists

Bringing superior service and ultimate convenience to the Newcastle and Cardiff area, the What Scratch? team are proud to service the region and greater NSW.

Over many years the “What Scratch?” team have become the area’s favourite providers of all things metallic finish and paint repairs for vehicles.

At “What Scratch?” we pride ourselves on offering our customers a customised approach to our services, being fully mobile means we can come to you anywhere, any day or any time. Allowing you the flexibility of accessing our service where and when it suits you.

Within our customised service offering our time can offer a broad variety of effective and efficient services, designed to improve the condition of your vehicle and ensure longevity and optimum resale value.

“What Scratch’s?” Services are ideal for cars, boats, bikes, trailers, vans, caravans, trucks and more!

How does “What Scratch?” Provide such convenient services, without taking my car to a garage?

The “What Scratch?” team uses an exclusive sprayless Car Scratch Repair system (SSR) which gives our customers a consistent finish every time, no blemishes, no swirl makes, no colour difference, just a perfect finish.
Because of this exclusive technology, the “What Scrach?” team can take it anywhere, to your home, office or even your local gym.

The SSR system can repair scratches and chips from the following causes:

  • Animal claw scratches
  • Children “drawing” scratches
  • Bush scratches
  • Car park chips and scratches
  • Key scratches
  • Garage door scratches
  • Road rash chips
  • Stone chips
  • Door edge chips
  • And more

The “What Scratch?” team are experts in metallic metal finishes, clear coat and headlamp restorations. Our expertise does not extend to panel damage or gouged paintwork on bumpers and plastic mouldings. 

The “What Scratch?” system is ideal for use on both new and used cars to both protect and rejuvenate their paintwork for longevity, resale or storage for classic models.

Cut and Polish

Is your car’s paintwork dull, lifeless and seen better days?
Does it have swirl marks from average repair jobs?
You might benefit from a fresh cut and polish from the team at “What Scratch?” to bring your paintwork back to life.

As part of our customised service range, you chose the time and place for your cut and polish and our team will come to you.

A cut and polish can be used to remove and reduce the appearance of:

  • Dull or UV faded paint
  • Hologram swirl marks
  • Faded yellowed headlights
  • Bore water stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Bird and animal dropping stains
  • Overspray
  • Industrial contaminants (oxidation)
  • Damage from inconsistent or inexperienced repairs

To learn more about our cut and polish services or request a quote, simply contact one of our friendly team today.

Headlamp Restoration

Bright headlamps not only look great on your vehicle, but they are also essential for road safety and the safety of you and your loved ones.
Headlamps are important not only so you can see the road and any obstacles that may be on it but so others can see you on the road.

If you are looking to improve the operation of your headlights there are two options at hand.
1. Replace your existing headlights – This option is often expensive and time-consuming, setting vehicle owners back hundreds of dollars
2.  Restore your headlamps – An effective and cost-efficient option for improving the luminance and brightness of your headlamps. 

How do I know if my headlamps need to be restored?
Are you headlamps:
Dull? Foggy? Shining a dark yellow/orange colours? Not illuminating objects at night? Have swirl marks?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions please call us today to get a quote now!