Perth Car Paint Repairs

Vehicle paint repair specialists

With many years of experience in the industry servicing the greater Perth and WA region, the team at “What Scratch?” are your local experts for all things paintwork and metallic finishes for your vehicle.

Our team is passionate about delivering a 5-star customer experience as well as an exceptional finish for your car, boat, bike, caravan, trailer or truck.

Utilising our patented sprayless system, our team travels to you meaning you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Your car never needs to leave your driveway and you receive a superior finish at a competitive price.

The Sprayless repair system can repair scratches and chips from the following causes:

  • Animal claw scratches
  • Children “drawing” scratches
  • Bush scratches
  • Car park chips and scratches
  • Key scratches
  • Garage door scratches
  • Road rash chips
  • Stone chips
  • Door edge chips
  • And more

The “What Scratch?” team are experts in metallic metal finishes, clear coat and headlamp restorations. Our expertise does not extend to panel damage or gouged paintwork on bumpers and plastic mouldings. 

At “What Scratch?” we recommend safeguarding your paintwork against future damage and locking in the future value of your vehicle with paint protection. The paint protection service works to create a clear coat barrier between your metallic paintwork and the outside world. This barrier then protects your vehicle from UV rays, contaminants, pollution and wear and tear.

The What Scratch? system is ideal for use on both new and used cars to both protect and rejuvenate their paintwork.

Cut and Polish

Is your vehicle’s paintwork beginning to fade, show scuff marks or swirl marks?

You may be in need of a cut and polish to restore your paintwork back to that showroom shine.

The team at What Scratch? Provide mobile cut and polish services to residents of Penrith and surrounds. Stripping back the damaged paintwork and revealing a shiny new finish beneath.

A cut and polish can be used to remove and reduce the appearance of:

  • Dull or UV faded paint
  • Hologram swirl marks
  • Faded yellowed headlights
  • Bore water stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Bird and animal dropping stains
  • Overspray
  • Industrial contaminants (oxidation)
  • Damage from inconsistent or inexperienced repairs

To learn more about our cut and polish services or request a quote, simply contact one of our friendly team today.

Headlamp Restoration

Our headlamps are essential for road safety, for seeing at night and seeing any obstacles that might be in your path.

Unfortunately over time our headlamps age and many people believe that their only option is to have them replaced. Headlamp replacement is often a costly and time-consuming exercise that is expensive and time-consuming.

Take the easy option and have your headlamps restored by the team at What Scratch?
Headlamp restoration is an efficient and highly effective way to have your headlamps shining bright again, without the huge cost associated with replacing them.

Headlamp restoration is ideal for dull, yellow, scratched and damaged headlamps.

If you would like to learn more about any of the innovative and convenient services available with the What Scratch? Team, contact our customer service team today. Our team is on hand and available to assist with questions, queries or obligation-free quotes.

Contact us today.