Do you repair plastic mouldings/bumpers?

We can remove scuff marks or paint that has transferred onto your bumper. However we can’t repair gouged, badly scraped or dented bumpers as these need to be resprayed.

Will I still be able to see the damage/repair?

It depends on the severity of damage. For minor, cosmetic blemishes we can generally repair to an undetectable finish. However if the damage is more server it may require additional repair services.

Will you be able to match my car’s paintwork?

Yes we carry over 165 paint colours for all makes and models of Australian cars.

Can you repair dents?

No it is best to get minor dents repaired by a mobile paintless dent remover or panel shop and then contact us to repair any residual paint defects.

Can I get a firm quote?

For scratch repairs we can generally give you an accurate price range to do the job (particularly if we have a photo). If you would like a firm quote our technicians are happy to come out to take a look at the car. All our quotes are free with no obligation. Written quotes for insurance purposes are also available on request.

Are your technicians all professionally trained?

Yes What Scratch? technicians have all undergone rigorous training by the Franchisors who have over 50 years’ experience in the industry.

How long will I be without the car?

This is dependant upon the service chosen. However a minor repair can take as little as 20 minutes while a large 4WD covered in bush scratches will require a few hours.

Does the car need to be under cover?

For general scratch repairs we do not need cover. However if it is a wet or hot day, the car needs to be under cover as the car’s panels need to be dry and not too hot (especially if the car is dark coloured). Other services we offer may require cover.