Cut & Polish

Cut and Polish Car Paint Scratches in Australia

What Scratch? provides a professional cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration service which restores the gloss and repairs the scratches and swirls that appear in car paintwork.

The What Scratch? system ensures the fussiest car enthusiast is “Wowed!” by the results of our cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration service, the car reseller achieves the highest resale price and the everyday car owner can keep their car looking as good as new.

What Scratch?’s cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration service is often used to fix the results of previous applications where the result has left obvious swirl marks, minor scratches, scouring marks and unprofessional touch-ups which not only look terrible but also devalue the car.

A What Scratch? system can repair the following defects:

  • Dull or UV faded paint
  • Hologram swirl marks
  • Faded yellowed headlights
  • Bore water stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Bird and animal dropping stains
  • Overspray
  • Industrial contaminants (oxidation)

Our professional technicians use only high end car polish products from the US and Europe for our cut & polish car paint & scratch restoration services.

The What Scratch?’s system is also ideal for boats, trucks, motorbikes, buses and caravans.

Our mobile technicians are available through-out the following & Surrounding areas: Wangara, Victoria Park, South West WA, Perth, Perth CBD, Rockingham, Perth South East, Sydney South and greater Sydney, Penrith, Osborne Park, Maddington, Central Coast, Cardiff, Campbell Town, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.