Parramatta Car Paint Repairs

Vehicle paint repair specialists

Sprayless scratch repairs for Sydney residents and Parramatta locals.

Are you looking for car paint repairs and want to ensure you get the most professional finish possible? Then look no further than the team at “What Scratch?”

With many years of experience servicing the Parramatta and greater Sydney region, the What Scratch team are you going to for all of your cosmetic paintwork needs for cars, bikes, boats, vans and more.

Put the “WOW!” factor back into your paintwork with sprayless scratch repairs on all vehicles.

The “What Scratch?” team utilises a patented system to deliver the highest quality finish through sprayless technology.

The Sprayless Car Scratch Repair system (SSR) allows our skilled team to bring your paintwork back to life without the need to take your car to the workshop.

Our team can visit you anywhere, any time to get the job done and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The SSR system can repair scratches and chips from the following causes:

  • Animal claw scratches
  • Children “drawing” scratches
  • Bush scratches
  • Car park chips and scratches
  • Key scratches
  • Garage door scratches
  • Road rash chips
  • Stone chips
  • Door edge chips
  • And more

Our patented system is designed to repair scratches and chips in your vehicle’s paintwork or clear coat. It is not designed to repair panel damage or gouged paintwork on bumpers or plastic moulding.

The “What Scratch?” team are highly trained professionals when it comes to repairing paintwork and clear coats on both new and used cars.  Painted metal surfaces are our speciality, identifying imperfections and seamlessly repairing them for a better than new finish.

Cut and Polish

Cut and polish are one of our most popular services which is often used to repair imperfections from previous repairs. Often we see repairs leaving behind more damage than good when they are done incorrectly or by inexperienced operators.

Imperfections left behind from repairs often presents as swirl marks, scouring marks, inconsistent paintwork and minor scratches.

The “What Scratch?” system can repair the following defects with a cut and polish for Parramatta residents:

  • Dull or UV faded paint
  • Hologram swirl marks
  • Faded yellowed headlights
  • Bore water stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Bird and animal dropping stains
  • Overspray
  • Industrial contaminants (oxidation)

Headlamp Restoration

Cost-effective vehicle headlight restoration for Parramatta residents and surrounds.

Vehicle headlamp restoration is a cost-effective alternative to a full headlamp replacement which can quickly add up to be a costly exercise.
The “What Scratch?” team will restore your headlamps to optimum clarity, ensuring they are bright and luminous and ready to help you see clearly at night.

With our highly innovative process, our team has the freedom to visit you at home, work or wherever is convenient for you with no need to bring your car into our workshop.

Services Parramatta and surrounding areas the “What Scratch?” team are your go-to for all of your finish repair, protection and restoration needs. To learn more about our services or request a quote contact one of our friendly team today.