Wangara Car Paint Repairs

Vehicle paint repair specialists

Bringing superior service and ultimate convenience to the Wangara and the greater WA region, the “What Scratch?” team is proud to service the local community.

For many years the “What Scratch?” team has been the area’s preferred provider of all things metallic finish and paint repairs for vehicles.

At “What Scratch?” We pride ourselves on offering our customer focus, which sees our team tailoring our services to each individual customer to ensure our service is not only effective but personal and convenient.

We do this through our fully mobile service offering that allows us to visit you where and when it suits you, ensuring you’re not without your car for things like school pick up and special appointments.

“What Scratch’s?” Services are ideal for cars, boats, bikes, trailers, vans, caravans, trucks, and more!

How does What Scratch? Provide such convenient services, without taking my car to a garage?

The “What Scratch?” team use an exclusive sprayless Car Scratch Repair system (SSR) which 

Allows our team to ensure a spot-free finish every time with no overspray, inconsistencies or swirl marks.

This exclusive technology is what allows our team to be mobile, without the need for a fixed workshop.

The SSR system can repair scratches and chips from the following causes:

  • Animal claw scratches
  • Children “drawing” scratches
  • Bush scratches
  • Car park chips and scratches
  • Key scratches
  • Garage door scratches
  • Road rash chips
  • Stone chips
  • Door edge chips
  • And more

The “What Scratch?” team are experts in metallic metal finishes, clear coat and headlamp restorations. Our expertise does not extend to panel damage or gouged paintwork on bumpers and plastic mouldings. 

The “What Scratch?’ system is ideal for use on both new and used cars to both protect and rejuvenate their paintwork for longevity, resale or storage for classic models.

Cut and Polish

Are you looking to repair overspray and swirl marks from existing repair work?

Is your vehicle’s paintwork tired, dull, and lacking the vibrancy it once had?

If this is the case then you need a What Scratch? Cut and polish service.

Our cut and polish service are also 100% mobile, giving you freedom and convenience to choose where and when you receive your services, it’s part of our customer-focused service offering that has seen us received many 5 star reviews.

A cut and polish can be used to remove and reduce the appearance of:

  • Dull or UV faded paint
  • Hologram swirl marks
  • Faded yellowed headlights
  • Bore water stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Bird and animal dropping stains
  • Overspray
  • Industrial contaminants (oxidation)
  • Damage from inconsistent or inexperienced repairs

To learn more about our cut and polish services or request a quote, simply contact one of our friendly team today.

Headlamp Restoration

Your headlamps are not only essential for the safety of yourself and others on the road, they are a legal requirement for the road-worthy status of your car. Don’t risk having your car taken off the road and ensure your headlamps are in tip-top condition with a headlamp restoration service from the team at What Scratch?

For people looking to improve the condition of their headlamps, there are often two options. The first option is to completely replace their handlamps, many customers are not aware that there are any other options available to them. Headlamp replacement is often a costly exercise that sees a customer’s car off the road for an extended period of time whilst the works are complete.

The second option is for the headlamps to be restored, this option is generally far more cost-effective when compared to a full replacement and see’s the customer’s headlamps reinvigorated and in near new condition.